Amelia Island Pottery 
Doug Jones - Ceramic Artist

Doug Jones.  I had a passion fordrawing, painting and reading when I was very young.  I first found the magic of clay in High School art classes,  but it was much later before the clay really captured my heart.  After touring Europe upon graduation and being able to touch works of art that most people can only read about or see in pictures, I was ready to set the world on fire.  I came back to Florida and received my Associate Arts from Florida Junior College and the many fine art instructors there helped fine tune my skills. It was there that I developed a love for clay. During that time I met and took workshops from many visiting potters, including Paula Rice and Don  Reitz. I also use to visit Charlie Brown's studio and marvel at his mastery of clay and the RAKU process and for the past several years, until his recent passing, Master Potter, Lee Shank was very supportive...nudging me along the way (he was in one of my text books when I was in college). More recently, workshops at the Odyssey Center with Mark Peters in Ashville, NC fine tuned other skills. I played in clay in my limited spare time while I served my 'sentence' as the Planning and Zoning Director for County Government for over 20 years.  I have now been ‘potting’ for over 45 years (full time since 1995), yet I learn something new each day.

In 1998 my wife of 18 years passed away after a long battle with cancer.   My  son, Chris, came back to Amelia Island in '98 and joined me in my studio 'Jones Pottery'. Together we sold through various retail shops, galleries and art shows.  His pottery evolved and he went off to seek his own vision in 2003.  I took a more relaxed view on life and a more serious view of my pottery creations. I met a wonderful women and we married in 2003. She had a background in marketing and retail and enjoys helping in the studio as her time allows. My work took on a more ‘island / coastal theme’ which fit in with my life style and the areas we wanted to market. I put up a hammock and Jimmy Buffet and the slack key guitar of James Keli'ipio Kahea Mawae became the studio music of choice. Now I can be on Island Time.... all of the time.

I work with stoneware clay on the wheel, slab work, hand building and sculpture. Most of my work is high-fired  to cone 10-11 (about 2350 degrees) and my glazes reflect my rich coastal environment … with our island influence, they tend to be blues, greens and sand tones.  My work is well accepted in numerous galleries and shows throughout the Southeast and Hawaii. It has become very collectable and many people have acquired multiple pieces.

It is my mission to create and offer the highest quality, and most creatively designed and skillfully executed pottery, and artistic creations that I can produce. I want to do this while sharing the knowledge that I have absorbed over the years, and to seek out information that will give me the ability to better serve and create.

In recent years, we taught pottery wheel throwing classes on cruise ships. It was a very rewarding experience, being able to pass our skills along and visiting galleries and studios in various ports.

We have retired from the art show circuit and now devote our time and energy to a growing number of quality coastal galleries and fine shops. This allows me more time to spend on the individual pieces and do more custom work.... and spend more time with my wife and our wonderful grand children..